The increased number of cases drives the digitalization at the point of sale to guarantee the safeness

Netipbox Technologies, company specialized in digitalization solutions for the retail sector, has developed an innovative solution package to fight the Covid-19 in the physical spaces and guarantee a safe place for clients and employees. Europe is fully on its second wave of coronavir …

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The digital transformation in the hospitality sector during coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis has caused a change in tendencies and consuming habits those whom the hospitality industry has had to adapt.

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The clients ask anti Covid-19 measures in the shops

Eight out of ten Spaniards consider important that the shops keep all the security protocols against Covid -19 until there is a vaccine.

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Technologies for capacity management for retail post Covid-19

“There is space availible, you can come in”. “Wait, we are desifecting” With the reopening of stabishments coming soon, the sector is preparing new tools for the “new normality”, that will imply more control and technology. The capacity management will be one of the first measures the …

Read article, selected for the growth phase by LANZADERA

We are proud of having been selected between more than 1.700 applicant projects, for the growth phase of Lanzadera, the company accelerator and incubator driven by Sr.Juan Roig, Mercadona’s president, located in the “Marina de empresas” of Valencia. Growth is the phase designed for co …

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Omnichannel communication for the perfume industry

The digital communication is a resource that is being more and more used in retail, not only to improve the image and communication, but also to enrich the customer experience at the point of sale. Communication through paper is no longer sustainable, nor from the point of sale point …

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Netipbox Technologies launches as a spin off forecasts to close the year with more than 15,000 emission points in more than 25 countries and to multiply it by 5 in less than 2 years. The shock caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 and the immediate impact of the confinement measures have had for production, consumption and …

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