Blog named a 2023 Digital Signage Experience Awards (DIZZIE) finalist

Digital Signage Experience Awards 2023 Finalist

Recognized in the Healthcare Environments Category for the Barcelona HLA International Clinic project

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Digital signage content: a universe of creative possibilities

Content for digital signage: a universe of creative possibilities

The art of communicating through the screen and the possibilities of experimenting not with a new channel, but with a channel itself, is a challenge for any creative because of its enormous flexibility in terms of canvases, formats, techniques, technologies and stories to tell.

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Digital Signage, revolutionising how hotels communicate

Large-format videowall lobby with wow effect

Extract from the article published in the magazine Equipamiento Hostelero. Digital Signage, revolution in communication, October 2023 publication.

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Transform your screens and improve your digital display - the magic of Layout Configurator

Enhance your digital exhibition with the layout configurator.

The magic of the Layout Configurator lies in its ability to increase the performance of the digital display by allowing the creation of more zones on a screen, directly from the platform, without the need for external graphics or video editors.

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