Transform your screens and improve your digital display - the magic of Layout Configurator

Layout Configurator (1)

The magic of the Layout Configurator lies in its ability to increase the performance of the digital display by allowing the creation of more zones on a screen, directly from the platform, without the need for external graphics or video editors.

The Layout Configurator is a powerful tool for optimising screen productivity, a true evolution in digital content management that makes it easy to create different viewing zones on the same screen to broadcast multiple content simultaneously, in a personalised way and at their own time length.

Showing content of different types and/or resolutions at the same time, with the same or different duration, has never been easier. Want to make the most of content designed for other channels or formats? The layout configurator allows you to create horizontal zones on vertical screens and vice versa, maximising the versatility of the digital display at the physical point of sale.

In addition, this tool allows the insertion of scrolling text banners and RSS (Really Simple Syndication), news content or online services, as well as rotating or changing the orientation of a playlist and adapting the design of different areas or the entire Canva, beyond conventional screens (Full HD and 4K), ensuring a perfect display of content.

In terms of playlist management, a new level of flexibility and personalisation is achieved thanks to the ability to work with real pixels, i.e. the platform accepts custom sizes without being subject to standard sizes, giving great freedom to adapt to a wide variety of formats and shapes, as is the case with LED devices.

In its advanced configuration it allows the modification of 1) position (displacement), 2) size and 3) background colour (to create backgrounds when working with transparencies or when the content does not occupy the whole area and it is desired that the black proportion bars disappear with the background of the content colour).

It also has the Content Adjustment tool, with three very useful options: 1) Cover, with this option the content covers the entire area of the screen, adjusting to the height or width according to the proportions of the canvas, without deforming or altering the image or resource, 2) Fill, in this case the content is adjusted to the area, maintaining proportions similar to the aspect ratio of Canva, and 3) Contain, where the content is adjusted to the assigned area without losing information, in this case black bands will be seen in the areas without content.

It is an exceptional tool that can be used to 1) reinforce a message with different types of content such as images, video, Applets, RSS, URLs, audio, etc. 2) complement a main information with a secondary one, using other functionalities such as widgets (clock, weather, QR code, tickers), queuing managers, capacity controls, or 3) compare the communication of different products, services, campaigns, events or sales results.

In conclusion, the layout configurator offers control over the distribution of content on digital screens and an undeniable competitive advantage. An opportunity for versatility and transformation of screens into more productive and original digital assets.

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