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The art of communicating through the screen and the possibilities of experimenting not with a new channel, but with a channel itself, is a challenge for any creative because of its enormous flexibility in terms of canvases, formats, techniques, technologies and stories to tell.

Before sitting down to design content for digital signage, it is essential to consider various components such as

1) The physical space.

2) The canvas (the hardware, the screen).

3) The location.

4) The purpose and type of message - advertising, artistic? 

5) The technique - format, technology, tools? and 

6) The software, the vehicle for transmitting and managing the digital content.

In addition, there are other considerations that may seem obvious, but are no less important, such as concept and the need to have a consistent and coherent message throughout the customer journey, taking into account the full mix of communications, including digital and non-digital; the industry and brand characteristics; and the audience and its demographic and psychographic characteristics.

Therefore, not all content should be made to sell, although it is mistakenly thought that it should, it is possible that this will provoke a negative reaction from the audience, using narrative techniques, assessing the customer journey at each point of contact, allows us to reveal where and how to communicate other types of equally relevant messages, whether to guide, provide a service, build brand recognition, inspire, create interactions, immersive, emotional experiences, or help create atmosphere, from a more artistic side, and define the duration and exposure of a resource.

Digital signage allows the integration of different techniques such as 3D animation, motion graphics, photography, footage, webapp/app, html, video-mapping, holograms, AR, VR and different formats, for example, with it is possible to upload images, videos, URLs, audios and HTML5, better known as applets, the micro-applications that allow different types of integration with other information systems, applications and/or hardware / IoT.

This is where the bar is raised as data is obtained to measure what is done by allowing the audience to interact with connecting objects such as cameras, RFID, NFC, QR, capacitive sensors (KAS) or touchless sensors (optical, light, distance, humidity, proximity, speed, temperature, sound, etc.) and voice recognition systems.

It is also worth mentioning tools from a cloud platform such as that add value to the management and programming of content, such as the Layout Configurator, to divide a screen and optimise the display of content; Smart Tagging and Smart Playlist, for smart playlists that automatically select resources from the library with specific durations, tags and orientations, according to pre-defined rules., in a very intuitive and friendly way, gives the user the alternative to generate schedules in different levels, which can be by hours, days, weeks, months, include start and end dates, implement scheduled replacement of content or grids, as well as the possibility to create commercials on different screens, with different schedules, definitely, variables that add up and make it a powerful medium. The perfect partner to turn the art of digital signage into a universe of infinite connections.

In short, the exciting and challenging thing about content for digital signage is that it is an expression that transcends conventional communication and offers a wealth of creative opportunities where content strategy, copy, techniques and technology come together to transform screens into boundless portals of connection to touch the minds and/or hearts of audiences and impact businesses with greater productivity, better sales and measurable conversations with target audiences.

About is a complete digital signage platform that allows brands and organisations to connect and interact with their audiences in physical spaces in a very friendly and intuitive way. stores, organises, schedules and plays digital content in a measurable, centralised way and on any screen, integrating with total flexibility in scalable digitalisation projects through AI, Big Data and IoT to create differentiated experiences with customers and employees in any physical space. Headquartered in Barcelona, with offices in Madrid, Valencia, Miami and Mexico City, and certified partners in most countries in Europe, Latin America and the United States, manages more than 50 million digital assets in more than 30 countries. manages more than 50 million digital assets on more than 30,000 connected devices in more than 25 countries around the world and more than 2,000 users, 150 brands and retailers from different sectors such as Ikea, Areas, Nespresso, Coca Cola Europa Pacific Partners, Haribo, Unilever, Revlon, P&G, Domino's Pizza, Spar, Aldi, Electronic Arts and Cinépolis, among many others.



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