Omnichannel communication for the perfume industry

The digital communication is a resource that is being more and more used in retail, not only to improve the image and communication, but also to enrich the customer experience at the point of sale. Communication through paper is no longer sustainable, nor from the point of sale point of view, nor from the environmental point of view. Or by the constant need to adapt to change. The immediacy sets the pace of the information and much more in the perfume shops, where there are new offers each day.

In the cosmetics and perfume shops, the visual component and the movement play an important role to captivate the audience. This sector tends to be one of the most avant-garde in what concerns investment in their stores decorations to transmit better the identity and essence of their products in the best way possible and the digital communication is a key component under this architecture, like it would be their lighting and furniture. And is one piece more in the physical space, because of the infinity of formats and integrations that the screens offer now a days: digital showcase, digital pricing, tactile screen where they can consult more information, integrations with code scanners or with facial recognition cameras to determine the gender and the age range of the audience and adapt in such way the message that is sent… all of this through an intelligent and intuitive SaaS platform that allows you to store, organize, select, program and reproduce digital contents in a centralized way on any screen.

The possibilities are infinite, the limits are only placed by the imagination.

On the other hand, for the director of marketing the possibilities that the cutting-edge software’s of digital communication like our platform gives them also countless possibilities. And with the advantage that there are designed thinking in the user, it comes from a world where the usability is essential, and it does not require advanced technical knowledge. The hyper-segmentation on the messages not only on by shops, areas and movements of the day but also, thanks to the interactivity, by products like (lift&learn) and by audiences (facial recognition, surveys, games and interactive promotions) likewise the capacity to administrate in a remote way, immediate and easily this contents, make of the digital communication an essential allied for the retail sector in general, and for the perfume and cosmetics sector in particular, where the role of the intangible is an important reminder of the brand and the client engagement.

There are three elements to consider when implementing a digital communication strategy: content, interaction and data.

It is not only to pass from paper to screens, but to create own communication channels: product and promotion channels, tendencies channel, branding channel…

First, we need to organize the type of contents that want to be communicated, with what frequency and in which areas of the shop or in which shops of the chain. Upload the different contents to the platform and organize it in folders, subfolders and tags, so that they can be easily localized and accessible by all the users. After, reproduction playlists must be created corresponding to each channel: which contents, in which order, and in what way (full screen or divided). Finally, the different playlists will be distributed in the different timed schedules and there will be assigned to a screen to emit the contents. And all, with the possibility of making any change in real time, weather it is contents, or interrupted occasionally to integrate an ad of the brand, or a call to action, or what we call the “WOW effect”, that consists of synchronizing all the screens of an establishment in a determined moment in time, so that they emit de same content and create a unique atmosphere.

Furthermore, this platforms must have an important integration capacity and scalability so that you can control from the same platform any other management system, combining and integrating easily with the IOT (footfall, facial recognition cameras, bar code scanner etc…) to impact and interact with the different audiences, at the same time that it collects data for future analysis with tools such as BI (Business Intelligence) and dashboards in an anonymous and aggregated way, always respecting their privacy and according to the current laws.

Any type of digital screen, with interaction of facial recognition or customer flow analysis, solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the machine learning (ML), will allow the perfume shops not only to communicate with their audiences, but also interact with them and the collection of data both for their own shops and the brands they are selling and representing.

Ultimately, the digital communication play a fundamental role in the retail transformation, and in particular the perfume industry, given that it allows to transmit information to the consumer with the strength of an audio-visual medium, much more attractive for the public and with the possibility of controlling the messages that we send at each point of sale or shop thanks to the connectivity. In the perfume shops, the intelligent digital communication tools can include from digital pricing displays that are updated automatically with the change of stock or price , to big LED screens with communication and brand environment or interactive screens that inform about the products (availability, prices, characteristics…) through the code bar or that send personalized messages according to the audience recognition.

A case we always explain is the one of Fund Grube, perfume and cosmetics retailer leader in the Canary Islands that adopted our platform to be able to manage under the same ecosystem a large amount (more than 150) and variety of screens (LEDs, touchscreens, LFD) on their shops. We also developed for them a tactile version for the client, where they can consult through interactive screens the products in real time through product scanning from their phone to get more information of it.

Another success case, from the perfume and cosmetics industry that is also using our platform to transform digitally the chain of French perfumes Adopt, with more than 130 own stores and 80 franchised, where they designed and implemented personalized technological solutions together with one of our international partners HMY,leaders in the 360º and innovation for the retail.

10 channels per store where installed, that allowed to show personalized publicity and products offers through screens in different formats, localized in strategic areas of the shop; a video wall of fragrances that includes a display to help the buyer through a tablet connected to social media, where the consumer replies to a set of questions about his/her tastes in the device, by means of a LED animations unit, selects three products that match with the clients choices; in the make up station, where the client sits in front of the mirror and tries the products that they have chosen and can take pictures to share their experience through social media and make tutorials and sales advice related through the tablet.

At the end of the day, todays consumer is looking to enjoy at maximum the experiences in the shops, for this, it’s necessary not only to control the comfortable and pleasant spaces but also to digitalize them. The idea is to sell personalized experiences to achieve the maximum efficiency and client engagement, impacting and interacting with them to understand and guide their behaviour and create a unique and memorable buying experience.