Netipbox Technologies launches as a spin off forecasts to close the year with more than 15,000 emission points in more than 25 countries and to multiply it by 5 in less than 2 years.

 The shock caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 and the immediate impact of the confinement measures have had for production, consumption and confidence have provoked the acceleration of digital devices in the point of sale in substitution of the physical elements.

The use of digital tools in physical spaces has incremented exponentially and have become a key element for the point of sale, not only to manage the communication with the employees and clients but also give them new uses, like the queue management or single line queuing, among much others.

Faced with this new scenario and with the objective to give an answer at the market’s speed, Netipbox Technologies, pioneer company in the AV sector in Spain and Europe cofounded by Toni Viñals, Xavier Visa y Javier Creus, has decided to create a new autonomous division focused on the product that has meant the consolidation of, the platform developed in house, as a spin-off of the parent company with an identity and with identity and own team and with a clear objective to position the platform inside the marketing departments like their best allied for the whole management of the omnichannel communication., is much more than a digital signage platform; since 2013 it has evolved until becoming in a SaaS platform that integrates with digitization projects, through AI, Big Data, IoT, and cloud-based technologies easily and scalable. To create differential experiences with clients and employees on each physical space.

This year, it has been selected among more than 1.700 project applicant’s, for the growth phase in Lanzadera, the company accelerator and incubator driven by Juan Roig, director of Mercadona and located at the “Marina de empresas” in Valencia.

The growth phase of Lanzadera is designed for the companies with a consolidated business model and team and recurrent turnover, that can assume new challenges that takes them to another dimension. forecasts to close the year with more than 15.000 emission points and multiply it by 5 in less than 2 years.

Therefore, it has reinforced the directive body with German Talon, ex CIO of the organic supermarket chain Veritas, as Technology Director and that this same year has been granted with a CDti of 220.000€ to allocate to the development of new functionalities.

On the other hand, as a result of the pandemic, Netipbox Tecnhologies has launched a set of solution of digital transformation to combat the Covid-19 on the physical spaces, granting this way a safer environment for clients and employees.

This set of integrated solutions, ready to be installed with financing according to the needs, includes digital shop windows, exiting and capacity of the establishment, contact-less queue manager, digital hand sanitizer with movement sensors and even certified air purifiers to reduce the Covid-19 particles in the environment, all integrated under the same platform.

Today, the Netipbox solutions are present in more that 20 countries, distributed between, Europe, North America, Africa and LATAM and despite Covid-19, the company forecasts an increased turnover of 20% respective to 2019.

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