The clients ask anti Covid-19 measures in the shops

Eight out of ten Spaniards consider important that the shops keep all the security protocols against Covid -19 until there is a vaccine.


The 79.5% of the spanish people consider important that the shops keep all the security protocols against Covid-19 until there is a vaccine, according to the inform “security measures at the point of sale”, that AECOC Shopperview has presented in their 23º Aecoc Congress of prevention on lost.

In fact, the measures like, capacity management, the hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance, the presence of a security person that forces to follow the protocol, the mask offering or the presence of methacrylate screen at the point of contacts with the clients are considered very important by a vast majority of consumers for feeling safe when they buy.

At the other side of the statistic, those who consider these measures bothering are the minority: 17% believe unnecessary temperature checks, for 12% that refuse the capacity management, 11% consider bothering the security people and 8% would eliminate the methacrylate screens.

At Netipbox, we have developed an innovation package to combat the Covid-19 in physical spaces to guarantee a safe space for the clients and employees. These solutions include, digital window showcases to communicate security measurements, entrance and exit controls, occupancy in the establishments, contactless queue manager, hand sanitizer dispenser with sensor movements, and air purifiers to reduce the covid-19 particles in the air.

Source:  Inforetail

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