Technologies for capacity management for retail post Covid-19

“There is space availible, you can come in”. “Wait, we are desifecting”

With the reopening of stabishments coming soon, the sector is preparing new tools for the “new normality”, that will imply more control and technology.

The capacity management will be one of the first measures the retailers will have to implement in the shops to guarantee the social distancing. Probably these will be some of the phrases we will hear when entering the shops in the next coming months.

NETIPBOX Technologies and TC Group Solutions have joined to set up a system that controls the capacity linked to the digital screen that allows us to know how many people are inside an establishment, measuring the entrances and exits of people and managing the entrance turns of clients to the establishments through an intelligent traffic light.

This solution works thanks to the omnichannel platfom, that allows you to manage all the information in a centralized way on any screen, from the cloud with live updates. Furthermore, this platform offers content continuously updated about Covid-19 prevention methods coming from official sources from different countries where our clients operate (the OMS, American CDC, France and Portugal health service, Spanish government health department etc..) adapted to a digital format, with free access for the immediate diffusion on any screen.

With the reopening coming soon, the different sector operators are preparing themselves with new tools for the “new normality” that will imply more control and more technology.

The capacity management, with the contactless queue management, the digital showcase, is one of the 12 solutions that Netipbox has presented to face Covid-19.

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