Blog, selected for the growth phase by LANZADERA

We are proud of having been selected between more than 1.700 applicant projects, for the growth phase of Lanzadera, the company accelerator and incubator driven by Sr.Juan Roig, Mercadona’s president, located in the “Marina de empresas” of Valencia.

Growth is the phase designed for companies that already have a recurrent turnover and a formed team that can undertake new challenges that take them to the next dimension. And to this challenge we commit, to taking our clients too, to another dimension.

 LOGO NSIGN COLOR-2 is SaaS platform that utilized AI, Big Data, IoT and cloud technologies to create differentiated experiences with the consumers in physical spaces.

Our platform allows the users to discover new ways of optimizing the management processes, creation and marketing campaign execution in physical spaces, achieving attention from the receptor superior to a 300% in relation to other traditional methods and having a ROI in less than 12 months.

The last version was launched the 1st of July with all the new integrated functionalities. This new version, is much more user-friendly and intuitive, it incorporates a pixel to pixel design configurator, screen segmentation by sections and measurements you desire, new editor and content resolution, to edit and or adjust the resolution of the contents from the platform itself, or a complement of widgets catalogue, among many other innovations.

Were you unable to assist to the webinar? Feel free to ask us for a personalized training.

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