The increased number of cases drives the digitalization at the point of sale to guarantee the safeness

Netipbox Technologies, company specialized in digitalization solutions for the retail sector, has developed an innovative solution package to fight the Covid-19 in the physical spaces and guarantee a safe place for clients and employees.

Europe is fully on its second wave of coronavirus and the authorities of each country are adopting measures to slow down the increasing number of cases. The security in the point of sale is crucial to keep the businesses going while the pandemic lasts. For these reasons, the capacity management, maintaining the social distance and the hygiene methods are indispensable.

Netipbox Technologies, specialised company in digitalization solutions for the retail sector has developed an innovative solution package to fight Covid-19 in physical spaces and to grant a safe environment for clients and employees. These solutions include, digital window displays to communicate the safety measures, controlling the entrances and exits and of the establishments capacity, contact-less queue managers, digital hand sanitizer dispensers with movements sensor, and even air purifiers certified to reduce the Covid-19 particles in the air.

“These tools are available for all shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, entertainment spaces, hospitals, offices and other establishments, and with them we are helping reduce the Covid-19 spread and recovering the confidence of the clients and employees, creating safe and clean virus-free spaces·” Explains, the CEO de Netipbox Technologies, Toni Viñals.

One of the three solutions more demanded in the Covid-19 context is the access control traffic light, that controls the entrances and exits and capacity of establishments, informing about the percentage of the total allowed capacity that is being used at this time, to comply with the new regulations. This innovation is composed of a device that counts the people, a screen that shows the capacity and the digital “traffic light” to regulate the entrance to the store.

Another solution to optimize the entrance queues to the stores and reduce the abandonment is the contactless queue manager that gives entrance turns through the mobile phone in an automatic way while it keeps them informed at all times about the waiting times, weather it is at the shop or from home.

Finally, another innovation that is widely being implemented is the hand sanitizer dispenser capable of giving more than 13.000 dosses without needed to be recharged, what makes it 4 times more sustainable for the planet in terms of recycling and results in a 40% savings in the raw material cost. It also offers the option to have an incorporated screen, to manage content about the security measures, capacity, news, offers and/ or promotions while the clients disinfect their hands.

All these solutions work thanks to the omnichannel platform, a spin off of Netipbox that is being accelerated by Lanzadera.

It’s a SaaS platform that flexibly integrates with scalable digitalization processes, through de AI, Big Data, IoT and cloud-based technologies to create differentiated experiences with the clients and employees in any physical space. Furthermore, it offers inside the platform content that is continuously updated about the Covid-19 prevention methods coming from different countries where our clients operate (the OMS, American CDC, France and Portugal health service, Spanish government health department etc...) adapted to a digital format, with free access for the immediate diffusion on any screen.

To help the retailers at this time where security is so much needed, the company offers to businesses a basic package that consists of one screen of A3 measurements with free access for life to the content platform, in order to manage all the contents and updates in a real time and remote way, as a safe alternative to traditional publicity in paper that requires printing, changing and hanging the posters in the window shops each time the information changes or even the USB. Where the content updates are not possible in an automatized way.

The goal is to show that it’s a safe place, recovering the confidence of the clients and communicating also the security measure, likewise the updates of the weather, timing, offers and promotions.

The use of the platform and the digital signage have incremented exponential and have become a key element for all those clients in particular of the retail sector like: IKEA, Wolala, Nespresso, Tea Shop or shoppinf centers such as La Maquinista, supermarkets like Grup Ametller Origen, SPAR, Aldi, Plusfresc o Veritas and restaurants like Áreas, Serunion o Domino’s Pizza.

“Most of the companies and establishments are already aware of the current scenario and the one that will come once the pandemic has finished, adopting digitalization solutions that adapts to the new consuming behaviours and habits post-Coronavirus” assures Toni Viñals. “Never before, has it been so necessary the digital transformation” concludes.

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