To be user-friendly is to grow with the best ally, the user

The term software usability or user-friendly software refers to the ability to interact with end-users in the easiest, most comfortable, and intuitive way possible without losing sight of its objectives. has been standing out in the industry as a benchmark for usability and UX (User Experience). This is confirmed by customers during the webinars or personalized onboarding sessions carried out by the Customer Service area, with participants ranging from less technical to more technical profiles and, agreeing that "it is a platform with multiple possibilities in a very intuitive environment"

When talking about digital signage, Users are not the only ones to recognize it, at the end of 2021, this SaaS communication platform was the winner, among seven other nominees, for "Digital Signage Technology of the Year" at the AV Awards, the most prestigious international awards honoring excellence in the audiovisual industry.


But what makes so intuitive?

 Excellent UX and tailored content

Let's start with its design and user experience in content management, the basis for scheduling any resource where through four well-communicated steps, the user flows intuitively to upload, organize, schedule, and broadcast information on their digital devices linked to the platform.

When logging in, users get into the dashboard, control panel that monitors and summarizes through a very visual overview the main tools of the platform, the status and number of devices that the client has, their geolocation, as well as the space consumed and the number of resources, segmented by type of format. In addition, in its latest updates included a complete chatbot where advanced conversations about the main functionalities, can be generated.

For better navigation, there is a drop-downside menu that goes from the most basic to the most advanced tools and a system of hyperlinks that allows scrolling through the entire platform without difficulty.

Each user can configure the structure of their digital communication in physical spaces, according to their ecosystem, through storage folders and subfolders, as well as content tags, playlists, shedules, and devices, for greater efficiency and control of the flow of information and their digital assets. With the help of search filters and bulk shortcuts, configuration and management become agilely scalable as the number of resources and screens increases.

Another highlight is the versatility in different types of content such as images, videos, URLs for streaming or responsive e-commerce, passing through the functional widgets of social networks, time, and weather, just to mention a few and, reaching the ingenious applets, intelligent HTML, micro applications tailored to the user to integrate all the above resources.


The future of usability and its challenge

 The usability of has become an ideal world for the broadcasting of valuable user content, not to mention the other tools, although more advanced, no less intuitive such as IoT integration, automation processes, data analytics, and its growing connection with other applications in the digital world.

The platform advances hand in hand with its best ally, the user, and the great challenge will be to continue integrating the world of technology to their needs, while still creating a more efficient, productive, and satisfactory environment of use for those who interact with its interface.

Alejandra Moreno

Customer Success Manager

About is a complete digital signage platform allowing brands and retailers to connect and interact in a user-friendly and intuitive way with audiences in physical spaces. offers a measurable, centralized form of storing, organizing, programming and reproducing digital contents on any screen, flexibly integrating in scalable digitization projects through AI, Big Data and IoT to ensure differential experiences with clients and users in any physical environment. Based in Barcelona with delegations in Madrid, Valencia, Miami and Mexico City and certified partners in most European and Latin American countries and the USA, manages over 50 million digital assets in more than 20,000 connected devices in 25 countries around the world, and over 2000 users, 150 leading brands and retailers from various sectors like Ikea, Areas, Nespresso, Coca Cola Europacific Partners, Haribo, Unilever, Revlon, P&G, Domino’s Pizza, Spar, Aldi, Electronic Arts and Cinépolis, among many others.


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