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Data and analysis of your content

We are sailing blind in any media if we do not measure our actions. In digital signage, metrics should be as sacred as any other business performance indicator.

In the vast universe of communicating, organisations face the constant challenge of assessing and verifying whether they are effectively delivering their messages, at the right frequency and to the right people. And, of course, they ask themselves: do our audiences understand what we are saying or, better still, are they taking action? But how do we know if our messages are having the desired effect? The answer lies in measurement, analysis, and the knowledge that can be gained from the data.

If you're looking to influence and nurture the customer experience, optimise commercial strategies, improve operations, inventory management, and add that strategic touch to your business, you'll find the BI module! The module that adds intelligence, is available to capture and report information (patterns and behaviors) in a visually friendly way. The best part? It can be enabled by default or on demand.

Essentially, any information that enters the platform is susceptible to analysis, and if it is also connected to a QR code, external hardware, an IoT, a database via a sales ERP or an API, for example, the possibilities increase. The important thing is to be clear about what is relevant to the business and to set measurement targets.

Users of the platform from the retail sector such as furniture and decoration, perfumes, food & beverage and travel, mobile phones, catering, supermarkets, and cinemas, or from the service sector such as communication and advertising agencies, gyms, software developers, and AV integrators are already taking advantage of the power of the BI module.

In digital signage and with many variables can be measured and among the most common reports are:

  1. the number of times a content has been broadcast, by airtime and screen, and

  2. the number of times a tag has been broadcast by airtime and screen.

The key here is to name the content and tag groups very well in advance to get meaningful results.

And while we can gain significant insights from these measurements, we can gather even more measurable material if we add interactions with the viewers of the screens, and here the possibilities for improving the impact of broadcasts are magnified as more and more personalised connections are created.

Depending on integrations with external devices or databases with, it is possible for users to have a comprehensive view of the performance of campaigns on their digital signage channels through deeper metrics and analysis tools such as:

  • Content reporting and analytics: Detailed reporting on content performance, campaign effectiveness, and audience behaviour.

  • Display metrics: Ability to measure time on screen, frequency of content playback, and number of impressions.

  • Interaction tracking: Ability to track viewer interactions with screens, including touch interactions on interactive screens or responses to calls to action.

  • Audience analytics: Tools to count the flow of people in walkable areas or to capture demographic characteristics such as age and gender using facial recognition technology or sensors.

  • Integration and personalisation: The ability to integrate with external sources (e.g. sales results, weather, local events, social media) to personalise content and optimise relevance.

And let's not forget the challenges. A good content strategy, clear and measurable communication objectives, with calls to action that can be tracked or crossed with other sources of information, and of course constant analysis, as well as a good platform that facilitates the visualisation of this data, such as, will be crucial for campaigns to shine because without analysis it will be impossible to know if what is being done is producing the expected results.

About is a complete digital signage platform allowing brands and retailers to connect and interact in a user-friendly and intuitive way with audiences in physical spaces. offers a measurable, centralized form of storing, organizing, programming, and reproducing digital content on any screen, flexibly integrating in scalable digitization projects through AI, Big Data, and IoT to ensure differential experiences with clients and users in any physical environment. Based in Barcelona with delegations in Madrid, Valencia, Miami, and Mexico City and certified partners in most European and Latin American countries and the USA, manages over 50 million digital assets in more than 50,000 connected devices in 25 countries around the world, and over 2000 users, 150 leading brands and retailers from various sectors like Ikea, Areas, Nespresso, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Haribo, Unilever, Revlon, P&G, Domino’s Pizza, Spar, Aldi, Electronic Arts and Cinépolis, among many others.

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