Netipbox collaborates with Pomodoro in its unstoppable expansion


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The Spanish economic crisis was the reason why a family from Seville with more than 30 years of experience in hospitality launched in 2011 a business model called Fast Casual.

The restaurant Pomodoro was born as a proposal of Italian-Mexican fusion cuisine in which Italian dishes predominate with a touch of Tex-Mex. In recent years, it has grown exponentially throughout the Iberian Peninsula with the clear objective of offering cheap but delicious Italian food at a single price: 3.90€

This allowed young people or families with few resources to afford a bit of leisure away from home with the feeling of having received more complete attention than popular Fast Food restaurants. Customers place orders through menu boards and receive them directly at the table.

Digital Signage, Pomodoro’s best ally

In Netipbox we have been in charge of the digital transformation of Pomodoro at a national level, which was carried out together with Cocacola.

Digital signage eliminated the decentralized management of the establishments with the added obstacle of the unstoppable expansion of the brand. This required not only the necessary devices also a platform SaaS that would allow the continuous changes of ingredients and new dishes to be modified immediately.

Once implemented, the company achieved a more modern and updated image to its clients.

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