NCC brings online and offline together through Digital Signage

Union is strength

NCC is a purchasing and service centre that brings together different cooperatives of Spanish hardware stores. Also, since 2016 it belongs to the Optimus chain.

Its objective is to improve the commercial management of the associates, break into the market much stronger unifying the central services and negotiate the conditions of purchase and collaboration with the suppliers. Besides being a group of cooperatives they all still maintain legal, economic, logistical, marketing and sales independence, although in a more uniform way.

It is formed by Coanfe, Cofedas, Coinfer, QF+ and Synergas.

Promote and provide valuable information to the professional

The fact of having numerous sales points, associates and different product segments it was urgent to give clear and concise information to its customers, mostly professionals. For this reason, they began to incorporate digital communication via screens or other devices installed on-site.

Digital signage is a new channel that allows advertising from the main providers while also announcing the brochures of each cooperative, representing a source of income for the networks. is an intuitive and simple-to-manage SaaS system with which marketing managers and departments can manage all their content in a coordinated way without additional help. Moreover, an extra service of weekly reports of the entire operation of the NCC was offered by ourselves.

The screens promote the purchase of certain products and the customer’s waiting time is reduced in the queues, making more enjoyable its experience in any point of sale of the group.

This has meant a huge improvement in clients loyalty and increased brand value, proof of that evidence is that in just 3 years 276 players have been installed.


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