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III Edición Premios Av Integración Audiovisual-1


Extract from the article published in the magazine III Edition AV Awards Audiovisual Integration AV Integration 2023.  In 2022, the integration company luk hiar! installed an innovative digital signage circuit of thirty LED screens in the new HLA International Clinic in Barcelona, the first of its kind in a hospital in Spain.

luk hiar! chose the software platform for the centralised management of the display network, which includes electronic vinyl, digital posters and modular flat screens installed in the various areas of the clinic, such as the waiting rooms, reception, information rooms, corridors and lobby, giving the centre an absolutely sophisticated and differentiated aesthetic.

The content of the 28 screens displayed in the new clinic is centrally managed by 20 licences of the software platform - an ideal solution for non-technical users - which acts as the brain of the network, controlling the content schedules and their synchronisation in a simple and intuitive way.

Among the various displays is an eye-catching wavy LED, 5 metres long and 50 centimetres high, with a pixel pitch of 2.6 mm, located in the Doctor Espriu training room, where training content is broadcast in homage to Josep Espriu, the world ambassador for health cooperativism.

In addition, in various waiting rooms in the clinic, such as the paediatric and dental departments, 4 metre long by 1 metre high electronic vinyls have been installed that cover the entire glass window and allow dynamic content to be displayed. Another spectacular electronic vinyl, measuring 2 metres wide by 1 metre high, is suspended from the ceiling of the reception area and blends in perfectly with its surroundings.

In short, it is an absolutely innovative AV integration in Spain, thanks to an advanced digital signage circuit based on professional LED displays in such a sensitive and complex environment as a hospital clinic.

Jury opinion

The project is very much in line with the specifications required by the category, there is a spectacular development of the use spaces with the possibility of moving the signage, and it adapts perfectly to the information needs of the users.

The care taken in designing the space and integrating functionality, patient service and aesthetics is evident: for example, the semi-transparent screens integrate much better in a sensitive environment such as a clinic, and the centralised content provides optimised and convenient information management for patients and other users.

It represents a great added value by integrating into the medical environment: the technology used is adapted (mixing transparent screens, combining standard LED with semicircular, semitransparent... and other solutions) to seek aesthetics, but also to offer managers and users the best functionalities.

The digital signage solution is not only impressive, it also creates an integrated network that guides users and visitors; in addition, the integration with the clinic's software is a very important part of the project, as it facilitates the management of the space and the service, providing great social value.

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