La Plana de Vic bets on Digital Signage

From the beginning

Plana de Vic is a cooperative with 50 years of history founded by Catalan farmers to strengthen their presence in the market, be more efficient and sell directly to consumers.

In this way, they control the entire value chain, from their production to the management of the farms themselves, commercialization and finally the distribution of the product in their shops located in Catalonia.

They had the following premises to be achieved
  1. Reduce operational costs at points of sale and be more environmentally friendly, that is to say, reduce paper printing.
  2. Alternatives to solve the problem of displaying all their products to consumers, due to their extensive offer.
  3. To inform about the values and spirit of the brand, a cooperative specialising in meat processing with its feed factory.
  4. Help to focus the entire value chain of the brand in a fast way by disseminating adaptive content.

In Netipbox we installed one player to each screen at the points of sale that helped to increase the brand image and meanwhile, their commercial billing, as well as their communication dynamized concerning products and the information about the group.



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