Gelati Dino introduce the SaaS platform,, at its points of sale


The 3rd generation inherits the delicious family tradition

It all started in Empuriabrava, Dino Pavese’s chosen destination to open his first Gelati Dino. Four decades ago the intense flavour characteristic of the Italian ice-cream tradition, very different than the Spanish, caught the attention of consumers and it was a great success. Since then until nowadays the 3rd generation retains the same tradition and brand values of its beginnings.

Eliminate the difficulty of self-management

The need to adapt to the new media and way to connect with customers pushed them forward to begin their digital transformation in 2015 to achieve a much more dynamic communication in their establishments through screens.

They realised that the difficulty of managing these monitors themselves on a large scale was a major obstacle to achieving their objective because of the complication that represented making changes manually using a USB and the time taken to implement them.

For this reason, they use the SaaS platform Nsign.TV in Netipbox to be able to publish images, videos and animations so that any content they wanted could be displayed and the offers could be adapted according to each time in all their premises.


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