From Postwar to 21st century: Conesa refresh its corporate image


'The Sandwich Artisans'

If you are looking for traditional and high-quality sandwiches, the right place is Conesa entrepans. The small but cosy establishment located in the Gothic of Barcelona has positioned itself as one of the must-see places if you are looking for a delicious quick stop.

Pedro Conesa opened the establishment in the post-war period and introduced the frankfurts into the county city. With almost 70 years of history, 'The Sandwich Artisans' still keep the grill and their expertise of sandwiches, but offering an adapted product and up-to-date image.

Do away with traditional signage as a synonym for modernity and flexibility

The desire to project a more dynamic and a innovative image, led to reform of the premises in 2015. Moreover, they were seeking to digitally transform it and take advantage of digital signage to replace traditional posters, which has more flexibility and improve visual communication.

Conesa relied on Netipbox to make the project a reality and to facilitate content management from the Saas platform

The solution has been a profitable long-term investment, if we just take into account printing costs savings and increased sales on the advertised product.

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