Cinesa: The Digital Signage Revolution of Cinema

Bet on the highest technology and comfort

Cinesa belongs to the Odeon & UCI Group which, since 2016, is part of AMC Theatres becoming the world’s largest company of cinema industry. It has established itself as one of the most important cinematographic companies in Spain and its 22 million spectators dream in the more than forty cinemas distributed in the main capitals, such as Madrid and Barcelona.

Redefining the way of living the cinema and offering an excellent cinematographic experience to the spectator is its trademark. Its luxury seats and immersive screens are part of Cinesa’s commitment to offering the highest technology and comfort combined with the best visual and auditory quality, always maintaining the idea of enhancing the user experience.


Enhance the restaurant and ticket sales

Those responsible for communication knew that to continue with this premise it was obligatory to offer fast service in the sale of tickets, improve offers of snack products and trailers displays.

Five years ago in Netipbox, we helped to implement digital signage in the dining and bar areas in twelve of its establishments, in which players were installed behind the screens.

The public's reception was a success; besides involved cost-saving and optimised work processes since a lot of information has been shown in a dynamic format, including film posters.


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