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Future notes on digital transformation in hospitality

8 March, 2020

Digital transformation has made its mark in all industries. The world of hospitality is no exception to the wave of technological changes that come hand in hand with endless possibilities for companies in this sector, which must be reinvented every day in this digitalization process to improve their competitiveness and customer experience.

Truly advancing in today’s new digitized hospitality environment means much more than placing a few screens on the walls. The transformation in the field of technology and generational changes have transformed the consumer, who seek maximum interaction with all of the products and services they consume and demand completely customized solutions.

In this context, intelligent digital signage begins to play a fundamental role in the digital transformation of the hospitality sector. It allows the communication of information to the consumer with the power of the audiovisual medium, which is much more attractive to the public, with the possibility of controlling what messages we launch at each point thanks to connectivity.

Interactive information points, digital showcases, self-service kiosks, menu boards, structured or unstructured video walls, or content via Smartphone... the possibilities of digital communication for hotel establishments are limitless. Any device may serve as a means of communication and/or interaction between establishment and client, strategically placing them in lobbies, elevators, rooms, entrances and exits, corridors, conference rooms, restaurants and cafeterias, event spaces, etc.

Through them, a hotel, for example, is capable of sending completely personalized messages for each of its guests, communicating events, cross-selling or managing the occupation, through a real-time update. All strategically placed and designed to create a unique and rewarding experience for the client; with all of the content and information available to the client.

For this, at Netipbox we have created a SaaS communication platform, designed exclusively for the director of marketing and communications, which helps them to dynamically impact and interact with their audiences on any type of digital support (screen, totem, kiosk, LED, etc.), centrally, easily and intuitively:

There are many advances that are already being seen in the field of digital transformation, and that will be seen more and more in the future. To name a few, the ones that our customers in the hotel sector demand the most and that we already have integrated in

  1. Automated registration: avoid queues with automatic check-in, or entertain the waiting of guests with images and engaging information.
  2. Real-time information, which may include the registration of waiting times, restaurant opening hours, local travel updates and even updates or offers available for cross-selling.
  3. In-room services: personalized welcome messages, hotel RRSS feed, latest news headlines, etc.
  4. Wall art: from video walls in the lobby or hallways, to small monitors in the elevators. Due to their flexible nature, they can create seasonal displays, turn their walls into a specific environment (WOW effect!) And change the appearance of their space as often as they want.
  5. Advertising campaigns: Although digital screens are excellent for providing information and interacting with the client, we must not forget their original advertising role. Either from the establishment's own services or from third parties, a hotel can increase its cross-selling through the advertising issued by its screens by mixing information of interest with additional services, through split screens programming playlists.
  6. Entertainment: From a playlist of YouTube videos, guides or reviews of travel blogs, to a Netflix movie, there is a lot of content available to liven up and extend the stay of guests.
  7. Cross-selling: allow you to book complimentary services, either your own or third parties, through interactive kiosks, to increase cross-selling. 

In short, today's consumers seek to fully enjoy their experience in hotels and restaurants, and for this, it is necessary not only to have comfortable, pleasant and personalized spaces, but also digitized. After all, it is about selling personalized experiences to achieve maximum efficiency and customer engagement, impacting and interacting with them to understand and guide their behavior and create a unique and memorable shopping experience.

Today, digitalization in the hospitality sector is not an option, it is a must.



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