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How to choose the right material for a Digital Window?

19 September, 2019

JAVIER MENÉNDEZ, Netipbox Project Manager

Digital signage allows to reformulate companies’ communication with their customers in traditional physical points of sale. Modernity and interactivity are two of the qualities that are taken by these new digitized spaces. In addition, this aesthetic and communicative change of the physical space attracts great interest in customers and proposes new shopping experiences a lot more engaging. But, what happens if we bet to install digital signage in our store? What benefits will this new digitalization bring us? Let's find out.


Digital Windows are the first opportunity the company has to capture future customer’s interest

With a digital signage installation, the ability to attract customer's attention increases exponentially. The support size  and the flashy multimedia messages stand out from the rest of the physical stores, thus enabling the passer-by to stop looking at your point of sale and decide to enter it. Therefore, digital windows are the first chance the company has to capture the future customer’s interest, and thus becomes the initial claim the consumer sees of your business.

But how to choose the right support for a digital window installation? The first step is to define the target audience on which you want to impact. Next, you have to choose the appropriate location where to place the support. This step is a very important key to achieve the expected results. A bad location of the support can result in diminishing great visibility to your screen and reduce digital signage advantages. Finally, you also have to decide the contents you want to show in the digital signage installation. They should be flashy messages, simple to understand and very creative, that  attract attention and awaken the interest of people who pass near your point of sale.


The external device must be rugged, resistant and adjustable

A last essential point to take into account are the technical characteristics of that digital device.  Digital Windows are exposed to rain, sun and theft. Therefore, it must be, in the first place, a rugged and stable solution. You should also try to locate it in a place protected from water, within a totem or with an adjustable, safe and resistant custom support. As it is located outside the physical store, it is also highly recommended to install an anti-theft system, as well as a screen protector to avoid scratches. Finally, the device sunlight exposure should be taken into account and, therefore, the screen should have a brightness between 1.500 cd and 2.500 cd approximately.

However, before opting for any type of external device or digital communication management system, it is essential to make a careful study of the space and the company’s communicative needs. From Netipbox, we can help you choose the perfect digital signage solution for your business by doing this study for free. If you want to discover with Netipbox the ideal digital window for your physical point of sale,Contact Us



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